Isn't all insurance the same?

No, different insurers have very different products and prices. Can an insurance licensee representing a single company and line of products provide you with the best solution for your personal needs?   Why not work with an expert who represents multiple insurance companies and can build the right coverage at the right price?


Paratus is Latin for being prepared.  Insurance is all about being prepared for the future.  It's also about peace of mind; knowing you have the right plan in place if or when you need it.

We're here to help.

Prepared for Life.

Paratus Insurance

Age or medical challenges?

Have you been denied for coverage in the past because of age or health concerns? We work with companies who specialize in providing options to seniors or those with health challenges. No one should be without adequate protection.


Just need advice?

We're here for you! It doesn't make sense to have more insurance than you need. Do you already have insurance but you're not sure what it is, or whether it will fully cover your needs?  Insurance can be confusing and frustrating for many people.  We're happy to explain what you have, how it works, and examine whether you have too much, too little, or the right amount; and we'll never charge you a fee.


Why call us?

It's easy; you don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops with different agents just to have a choice.  We can provide quotes from multiple well known reputable companies. Give us a call or fill out the contact information below. We will ask you a few simple questions, develop a plan, and in a day or two we get together with you to explore the best solutions.


Why now?

Young or old there is no better time to put a plan in place than right now. As you age life insurance generally becomes more expensive. You are as young as you'll ever be, we can insure dreams as well as reality. Contact us now! 

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